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We've been waiting eagerly for Creekside to open...and they soft launched yesterday. We've been twice since opening...aka every day. The place is beautiful - cool granite / stone walls, awesome hand cut wooden tables and a tap selection that will be the envy of every other establishment in Marin. Around 40 taps...including wines and kombucha. Amazing Happy Hour (literally 1 hour 4-5pm) at $4 a beer. Open 7 days a week. We got the ham and sweet pepper pizza. They literally just opened, so we know they have to work out some kinks. The pizza was really good, but I expect the pizza to be even better when they have a full staff and after grand opening. Welcome to the hood Creekside!
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I give this place a 1 solely based on the pizza itself...but if I were to take in account the Value of the pizza, it would be 3 stars. The pizza we got during Happy Hour was only $1 for a decent sized pizza. Could easily fill up 2 people...but the Happy Hour special is: every drink you buy, you can get a pizza for $1! So, the pizza itself was terrible, but the deal was great. I'd go here again for the view and the pizza deal...but I'd never eat here if it wasn't the happy hour special
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Great selection of pizza...but they weren't amazing. I believe Brixx is a chain. We got the buffalo chicken pizza and the pepperoni. The buffalo chicken was great. The sauce was tasty and good crust. The pepperoni pizza was a little greasy. You can easily eat 1 pizza yourself.
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Solid slice shop in Portland. Great crust and cheese. The owner is the brother of the Escape from New York Pizza in SF...but they are not a chain. The one in Portland is the original and he let his brother open a slice ship in SF under the same now...a little fun fact for you readers.
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OK, I'll probably get some complaints for reviewing a hotel pizza, but I feel that any pizza needs to be reviewed on SliceFinder. Seeing as we were at the Four Seasons, we'd figure that the pizza would be great (and the fact that a small pizza was $35), but we were wrong, dead wrong. We ordered a pepperoni pizza for room delivery. We were seriously under-whelmed as the pizza had too much cheese, the dough was decent and there as very little sauce. But hey, what do you expect for hotel room service?
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We came here for the Hawaiian / asian style food, but loving pizza as we do, we had to try the pizza. We got the mushroom with truffle oil pizza. It was good, not great. The crust was really good, but the cheese was decent and the truffle oil was a little over-whelming. The other food there is amazing however. A nice place to stop by and grab some food, but we'd stick to the other dishes next time.
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We have been to the SHED several times, but this is our first time eating there and trying the pizza. I love the SHED, but was disappointed by their pizza. Don't get me wrong, the pizza was good, but was expecting better. Good crust and all the ingredients are really fresh and organic. But the flavor of the lacking. We got the Wild Nettle and Porchetta Pizza. I will definitely be back, will try their sandwiches or salads and not the pizza.
Napoli (16 Feb)
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Ordered delivery from here the other night and was pleasantly surprised. Normally, we don't expect much from delivery pizza, but Napoli exceeded expectations. We ordered a pepperoni and a cheese pizza - as well as cheese sticks. All were excellent. The cheese was tasty and the crust was cooked perfectly. We also loved the mozzarella sticks (they call them cheese sticks). Will definitely order delivery from here again...only down side was kind of expensive for delivery.
Blue Line Pizza ( 8 Feb)
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We came in here after a little vacation on way back north...little did we know, this is the same owners as Little Star Pizza (one of the best deep dish pizzas). Blue Line is a close second. We got the deep dish Blue Line pizza (aka Little Star): Spinach blended with ricotta & feta, mushrooms, onions, garlic. It was amazing. Great crust, fresh toppings. We also got a great salad. Good beer selection and lots of seating. I would highly recommend Blue Line Pizza to anyone in the mood for deep dish. They also have a lot of thin crust options...we just stuck with the deep dish this time
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Solid pizza...obviously a chain. Always a good cheese option. Good crust and sauce. The salads are great as well