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Brought my Dad, my wife, and my 4 year old daughter to the Portsmouth location this past weekend. Pricey but pretty fantastic overall. So basic: pizza and salad pretty much 100% organic. Big wood fired oven in the middle of the room that the kids can sit in front of and watch the guy make pizza. Tables are very rustic / with a smattering of actual picnic tables. Fantastic beer selection – mostly local micros. they've also got organic juices for the kids and a chocolate milk that was so good it came out of a glass jar. we got a couple of the salads with goat cheese and the two pizza specials of the day: one was a broccoli w/ healthy dose of parmesan over an alfredo base. The other was a meat lovers with their home made sausage, nitrate free pepperoni, and a couple of other things over a red sauce. Damn good. wait staff was very friendly and knowledgable. all seem to have "bought in" on the concept and were seriously excited about the ingredients they had just bought at the Farmers Market and how they were being incorporated into that day's menu. overall it's highly recommended and we're looking forward to going back.
Mama Celeste ( 1 Aug)
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A full day's supply of Sodium. I have to admit, this is a guilty pleasure. I haven't had one in forever, but would love one right about now. Got to agree that anytime I saw the 5 for $5, my freezer was full 10 minutes later. Original cheese is the best, but the 4 cheese and some of the meat ones are ok.
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Pies with Bling. All you need to know. Actually, this place used to be directly across the street from my house (before they moved to Highland Ave), so I'm quite familiar with it. It's pretty good. Full menu including apps, sandwiches, and even BBQ ribs.