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Like many pizzerias (and this place's name used to be simply, "Pizzeria"), Big Louie's makes a pie that should be eaten inside the restaurant if at all possible. Not that it's horrible when delivered...not at all. But one of the best things about Big Louie's is the crust. Dense yet crispy at the bottom, this is one of the top pizzas I've ever eaten, but it must be hot. As much as I love Big Louie's, don't eat it straight from the fridge the next morning (pop it into the oven for five minutes instead). There are other reasons to visit Big Louie's as well if you are a Eureka resident or just driving through town on HWY 101. Their beer selection isn't just extensive, focusing on some of the best representatives from microbreweries throughout Humboldt County (Steelhead, Great White, Downtown Brown, etc.), it's also cheap. We're talking $2 to $3 a pint. Big Louie's also has the best lunch special around, $5.99 for unlimited pizza, salad and soda, and the pizza is plentiful and varied. Once you're done with that slice of pepperoni, the combo comes out. Then the veggie, the Hawaiian, the plain cheese...