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About us

Tom Ferguson
You probably heard about SliceFinder due to Tom's efforts encouraging you to find your slice. Tom hails from Rochester, NY, now lives in San Francisco, and probably lived in/broke stuff in your city at some point too (see pic). Tom currently works at Altitude Digital, hoping you like mobile ads.
Preference: Currently a regular at Tony's
Dan Lowrie
When not creating the backend magic of SliceFinder, Dan develops software for Biba in San Francisco. Originally from Pennsylvania, Dan now calls Walnut Creek home. Dan is currently learning the virtues of nap time.
Preference: Grimaldi's in Brooklyn
Greg Robinson
By day, Greg works for Practice Fusion in San Francisco. By non-day he develops the front end of your slice finding experience. He calls the Boston area home, however San Francisco is his current and long time place of residence. Greg is currently busy conducting market research.
Preference: East coast cheese slices, like Papa Gino's

This isn't a joke, bitch.