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Who said the airline industry is old, cheap and heartless? Well, that may be true for a lot of the airlines and personnel, but not for the pilot of Frontier Airlines. This generous pilot bought 35 pizza's from Domino's for the grounded passengers in Cheyenee! Out of his own pocket mind you. There is still human kindness...even in the airline industry.
Read all about his heroic and generous acts a video is accompanied in this you can see the joy that pizza brings to all walks of life


In San Francisco's Telegraph Hill area a scissor wielding suspect attacks another man and robs him for a slice of pizza...that was one hungry robber!
Read all about it here


Dominp's is being trashed on Twitter and other places for failed MLB game free pizza promo give-away...Domino's had good intention when trying a promo for MLB fans at a game...the problem is when the fan's could claim their free pizza, the overwhelming interest crashed the site and no-one could claim the free pizza promo #DomiNoNo
Read all about it here...along with the bashing on Twitter


It seems like everyday new and amazing pizza restaurants are opening in San Francisco. Here is a list of 4 new and amazing places (according to 7x7 Magazine) in San Francisco that recently opened. See the list and info here.
This list was found and sent to us by my lovely wife Allyson


Australian pizza chef Johnny Di Francesco, owner of the 400 Gradi restaurant in Brunswick, a Melbourne suburb won the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (Pizza World Championship) held in Parma, Italy last week. This pizza contest draw pizza chefs from all over the world to showcase their margherita pizza making abilities. This is the first time an Aussie has won the contest.
Looks like Melborne, AUS is next on the list for travel! Read all about it here


SF.Eater came up with a list of the most iconic San Francisco (they have a couple from Berkeley as well) pizzerias. I'll have to agree, especially with #11 as that is where we came up for the idea / concept for SliceFinder.

Read all about the 25 most iconic San Francisco pizzerias here


Bad idea or just obsessed with pizza?


Well, for the 2nd time in less than 3 years, pizza chain Sbarro has filed for bankruptcy protection. Weird, cause I thought Sbarro has amazing pizza...joking...this isn't a surprise to me at all. So the saga continues. Read all about it here