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Domino's Pizza Wedding Registry?

February 8, 2017

That's right...Domino's Pizza now allows couple to have Domino's on their wedding registry...for the love of marriage...and pizza.

Read all about it here

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Posted by rama at February 14, 2017
Haha, I've never wanted to get marry, but if I ever would do this, I knew a place, where I would celebrate this! But as far I'll just spend all my time at, trying not to give up and finish my university. Hope, that'll be faster than I think, but I feel pretty OK as far as this site support me, when I need that.
Posted by GlennVeras at March 1, 2017
All what we do is for the love... love to pizza of course! service appreciate this news!
Posted by Pamella2 at March 21, 2017
These things are very important, good think so - I think so too... Language of desire
Posted by Madeleine at April 20, 2017
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